Business to Business
email lists and databases B2B lists
are one of the
least expensive and most effective ways to do Direct marketing.


b2b list
can be a very effective business builder
. B2B stands
for Business to Business, in other words one business communicating or SELLING
to another business.
lists for
 are used by organizations to promote to
business, and professionals where the product or service will be used in a
business or commercial environment. These lists can be targeted to a specific
industry or Geographic area.  Let us use an example, If I was the sales manager
of a bank and I was selling credit card processing machines and card processing
to businesses in the Metro Phoenix, Arizona area.  I could

buy a B2B email list
that  would give me the contact
information for all the businesses located in the Phoenix Metro Area of Arizona.
This will allow (me) the bank to deliver its message to only businesses in its
market area, it will increase the response rate while decreasing the expenses
involved in the marketing program. Another example might be a company that sells
dental chairs, most business lists include either a SIC or NAICS code, SIC
stands for Standard Industrial Classification, However it is commonly referred
to as an SIC code.  Some lists use the newer more detailed, North American
Industry Classification System otherwise known as(NAICS). The U.S. Standard
Industrial Classification (SIC) system was the older way of classifying
businesses to provide new comparability in statistics about business activity
across North America.  Starting in 2000, the North American Industry
Classification System (NAICS) began to replace the U.S. SIC system (almost all
B2B lists now use the NAICS however they still may call it an SIC code). NAICS
is used in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  Businesses can use the NAICS code to
sort the types of businesses to
to.  The dental chair company wants to sell
dental chairs to dentists.  They would look for NAICS code 621210 for Dentists. 
621210 includes, family dentists, dental offices, dental clinics.  The company
can now market to a
targeted list
this will increase response, and reduce waste and costs.  Now lets look at this
same company, if they are the manufacturer of these dental chairs, they may also
request the list for NAICS code 423450.  NAICS code 423450 is the category for
dental supply wholesalers. This group would be a ready made market for this
companies dental chairs and other products.  The wholesale dental supply
companies already have existing sales relationships with dentists.  This could
get the products to the market faster and less expensive than more traditional
marketing programs. 


Globally B2B list Response rates are good, and holding
steady. A good Business to Business list will contain the following information:
Company Name, Company address information, sales in dollars, telephone number,
number of employees, NAICS code, decision-makers name, title and occupation,
FAX, some lists include

email addresses
, some lists also have other location
information and main office information as well.  The contact information on b2b
lists normally reach people at their office or workplace.
B2B lists increase sales and
reduce marketing expenses.


The Best thing to do is take a good look at who your
best customers are. Know who they are and where they come from. This will make
finding a list a lot easier.
email addresses
from companies willing to send you the
data so you can send the emails out on your own. Do not rent or buy lists from
harvesters.  B2b lists are available for instant download at a very low
Buy quality b
lists and databases
Our business listings are the very
best way to be seen by their target market.  National B2B lists are less
expensive, than industry specific lists.  If you know how to use excel or a
database you can save hundreds of dollars by sorting data yourself.
has many national lists from around the
world. Some email lists start at just $17.  Business is always good, if you
always keep marketing, and business to business B2B lists are one of the least
expensive and most effective ways to do Direct marketing.


Wondering How to Buy
Business List Leads?

Getting leads for your business is one of the most crucial
aspects of ANY business, it does not matter if your do work online, own a
traditional business or act as a sales agent for various products. But how does
a person acquire constant leads? Or better yet how does somebody get quality
leads? Most times, when you find people online for your business that are leads,
they’re not very serious leads as they may not be a great match for your
particular offer. They many just consume your time and not even genuinely be
interested or they ask a million questions and in conclusion they never convert
to a paying client.

One fantastic way to prospect for
new business leads is to
purchase business list leads
for a given geography or for specific business categories and then communicate
with them quickly and cheaply using electronic means.  By leveraging large lists
with cheap communication and a great offer you can quickly bring in hungry fish,
people or companies that are actually interested in your products or services.
This makes “selling” much easier as they are actually interested in your product
or service or they would not have responded to your initial communication.

You can choose various methods of communicating with your new
business leads once you
acquire them on CD or in electronic format.  Popular inexpensive methods include
fax broadcast, voice broadcast and email broadcast.  You must be sure to check
local laws on such forms of communication to ensure you do not break any laws or
offend your target market.

There are several great sites on the internet where you can buy quality
business leads in bulk for great prices. The lists are categorized by geography
such as; nationwide, state, city, etc.  List prices can vary greatly and you
should ensure that the sellers are responsive to your questions and have a good
track record of providing decent data and also a decent help section generally
demonstrates they are well practiced in properly serving their clients. The most
common lists contain names, addresses, phone numbers, sales volumes and business
categorization.  You should ensure that you get enough detail to be able to
identify the contacts in the list that would be the best leads for your
particular situation.

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